August 4, 2020

Google Chrome “SameSite” Update May Impact ERP-Marketplace Functionalities

If your ERP utilizes one or more PunchOut-based supplier catalogs or marketplace and you are experiencing interruptions to your normal browsing or shopping cart functionalities, this may be the result of changes to the Chrome browser engine that Google began a limited rollout earlier this year. The update changes the way cookies are used to...
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Chicago Public Schools: Data-Empowered Students & Teachers More Successful

REIMAGINING CHICAGO’S SCHOOLS After 10 years strategizing with leaders in the Chicago Public Schools system, Melissa Zaikos (MBA 2000) turned to the data to create a new public education experience for the city’s students. Back in 2011, when Melissa Zaikos (MBA 2000) began digging deeply into the standardized test scores of the Chicago Public Schools, she...
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