What are your top online buying pain points?

Great article on Digital Commerce 360 highlights key findings about B2B buyers’ online purchasing behaviors and pain points. The top pain points speak directly to the relevance and value that EqualLevel’s Marketplace brings to Procurement and their organizations.
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Big Savings Power for WCHCS – A Story of Digital Procurement Transformation and COVID-19

Learn how Washington Court House City Schools moved from a paper, labor-intensive requisitioning and PO process to a true virtualized environment that is saving district dollars and time. They will explain their journey that began with the search for a solution to reduce paper and streamline processes yet has come to be much more. Hear...
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After Nearly Getting KO’d By Vendor Punchout, Plano Celebrates e-Procurement Win with EqualLevel

The Plano Independent School District (PISD) is among the 20 largest districts in Texas. PISD serves a student body of more than 53K, encompasses 72 schools and 20-plus offices and has an annual budget topping $750M. To put the district’s considerable size into perspective, with over 6000 teachers and staff, PISD has 20 percent more...
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How To Cut Costs Per Invoice By 200 Percent

During an organization’s ordering process there are typically numerous intricate steps, and various factors to consider before an actual order can be placed.  Purchase orders (POs) often involve complex approval workflows, multiple budgets, hundreds if not thousands of suppliers and contracts, endless data, and millions of dollars. Organizations often struggle with how to manage this...
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