Orville Bailey

COVID-19. Forcing our hand?

Systems under stress reveal their weaknesses (and their strengths).  And COVID-19 is certainly causing stress and a lot of ripples across all parts of society, testing our resilience, our creativity, our economy and businesses, our governments and schools, and, at times, our patience.  For many of us, the current environment is all too familiar; reminiscent...
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‘What Were They Thinking?’ E-Procurement Solutions Reveal Critical Insights into B2B Buying Behaviors

If you are a corporate procurement leader or a supplier of MRO and indirect materials, there is a good chance you have muttered the words “what were they thinking?” under your breath at least once in the past quarter. Striving to understand what drives B2B buyers to make the choices they do is critical for...
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AI-Powered Tech Takes E-Procurement to the Next Level

Imagine walking into a car dealership and the first question the salesperson asks you is, “How much do you want to overpay?” It’s a ridiculous question, right? No one wants to pay more for a product than they absolutely have to. Yet, this is exactly what too many corporate buyers unwittingly do, every day. While...
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