EqualLevel Unveils Exciting Opportunities with the Launch of its Preferred Partner Program

[January 2024] – EqualLevel, a leading provider of procurement and purchasing solutions, is thrilled to announce the official launch of its Preferred Partner Program, a strategic initiative aimed at fostering collaboration and mutual growth with a select number of eligible Partners.

The Preferred Partner Program is designed to provide unique advantages and opportunities for promotion to partners. The initial launch includes two distinct tiers – Silver and Gold – with plans to incorporate additional tiers as the program grows, allowing the program to be accessible to suppliers of all sizes.

EqualLevel’s Preferred Partner Program is a testament to our commitment to fostering collaborative success,” says Alana Bailey, EqualLevel GO’s Product Marketing Manager. “By joining our program, Partners open the door to new opportunities, increased exposure, and the chance to showcase their solutions to a diverse and engaged customer base.”

Benefits of a Preferred Partnership

Let US grow with YOU.  

EqualLevel’s Preferred Partner Program is founded on the principles of collaboration, growth, and excellence. By providing the tools and support necessary for success, Partners can expect to benefit from the efficiency of EqualLevel’s eProcurement solutions.

  • Marketing, Exposure, and More: Preferred Partners enjoy prominent placement in sales materials, demos, and marketing pieces, providing unparalleled exposure to an engaged and growing customer base. This strategic positioning allows Partners to showcase their offerings to a diverse audience, creating opportunities for increased brand recognition.
  • Highlights in Marketplaces and Demos: Preferred Partners receive highlights in customer marketplaces and sales demos, showcasing their offerings to potential clients. This dedicated exposure ensures that Partners can create a compelling narrative for their offerings.
  • Targeted Sales Meetings: Regular meetings provide a platform for Partners to discuss joint network customers and strategize on key accounts. These meetings foster collaboration, ensure alignment in our approach, and maximize the potential for joint success.
  • Enhanced Relationship with Marketplace Customers: Preferred Partners understand and stay ahead of market developments and are well-positioned to align their offerings with evolving market needs. This proactive approach provides insight into buyer behavior while establishing a foundation for meaningful engagement with potential clients.
  • Detailed Company Profile: A detailed company profile is made available throughout the entire application. This not only enhances visibility but also adds credibility to their presence in the Marketplace. Higher visibility, increased information, and the option to provide marketing materials and additional resources contribute to a robust profile that resonates with potential clients.

We strive to set EqualLevel GO apart from other systems as an accessible option which provides suppliers of any size the tools to create and grow their eProcurement presence,” adds Lily Potocko, EqualLevel GO’s Senior Product Manager. “I am very excited to see the additional benefits and differentiation we will bring to our suppliers with the launch of this new initiative.”

Navigating the Tiers within the Preferred Partner Program:

We believe in empowering our Partners and providing them with the visibility and support they need. 

Within the Preferred Partner Program, Partners embark on a journey tailored to enhance collaboration and unlock countless opportunities. 

  • Silver Partner: This tier provides promotional offerings, granting Partners eligibility for increased visibility, marketing, and buyer connections while uncovering net-new opportunities. This entry-level tier serves as a foundation for those beginning their collaborative journey with EqualLevel or looking to increase their reach.
  • Gold Partner: The Gold Partner tier, a step above Silver, offers all of the benefits of Silver and more. Gold Partners are distinguished by a proven record of deliverability and communication either in their GO Stores or while engaging with the Marketplace. With this, they will receive prioritized visibility, added marketing opportunities, and additional collaboration with the EqualLevel team.

This program is opt-in only.

All recommended suppliers must meet certain eligibility criteria. This program is an optional marketing initiative designed to increase the promotional opportunities for select suppliers. It is not required for participation within EqualLevel Marketplaces and is separate from EqualLevel GO.

For more information about the Preferred Partner Program and how to become a Partner, click here.

Why EqualLevel?

At EqualLevel, we believe in creating win-win scenarios.

This program will provide benefits to all of our stakeholders – our buyers will have an improved experience by having more access to supplier information and suppliers will have more visibility and insight into buyer decision-making.

EqualLevel is committed to empowering Partners and creating a collaborative ecosystem that drives success for all stakeholders. The Preferred Partner Program represents a significant step forward in recognizing and rewarding the contributions of Partners in the procurement and purchasing landscape.

With a commitment to innovation and collaboration, we stand as a leading provider of procurement and purchasing solutions. The Preferred Partner Program offers suppliers the platform to grow, succeed, and deliver exceptional value to their customers.

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