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EqualLevel Welcomes Complete Book & Media Supply to Their Preferred Partner Program

EqualLevel Welcomes Complete Book & Media Supply to Their Preferred Partner Program

February 12, 2024
EqualLevel is excited to announce Complete Book & Media Supply has joined the Preferred Partner Program.

Who Are Complete Book & Media Supply?

Complete Book & Media Supply was established in 1996 as a minority-owned bookseller and brings a wealth of experience to EqualLevel’s Gold Partner Program. With an extensive history in the procurement and purchasing domain, selling to K-12 Schools and Academies, Universities, Federal, State and Local Governments, and Fortune 1,000 Corporations, they are positioned as a seasoned player in the industry.

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Complete Book & Media Supply and EqualLevel

“At Complete Book, we are continually seeking greater ways to provide better value and quicker service for our customers,” says Kendall Montiegel, Sales Processing Manager.

Complete Book’s experience with EqualLevel contributes to their decision to participate in the Partner Program. Joining as a Gold Partner is a testament to Complete Book’s mission to meet and exceed customer expectations. “While we are known for being at the forefront of technology and providing the best available price point for all your book, software and media needs, we’ve identified one thing more important than all of that…we will ALWAYS go the extra mile for you, our customer,” declares Sierra Bishop, Sales Processing Lead.

At EqualLevel, we believe in creating win-win scenarios. 

Along with EqualLevel’s commitment to collaborative success, their participation is grounded in a mission to showcase offerings to a broader audience, creating opportunities for increased brand recognition and meaningful engagement. “We appreciate EqualLevel’s user-friendly communication and responsiveness,” states Dina Peterson, Sales Processing Admin.

With EqualLevel’s eProcurement solution, Complete Book has been dedicated to delivering not just books and media but a seamless procurement experience for their clients. Complete Book’s commitment to personalized client service and care is their hallmark, transcending the confines of world-class technology to offer a distinguishing personal touch. “Our business secret: the personal touch is more important than our world-class technology.” says Desirea Stewart, Sales Processing Admin. “We offer consolidated purchases from many publishers to a single supplier, lightning-fast turnaround times on quotes and hard-to-find titles, free ground shipping with low free freight minimums, and live support.'”

Why Join?

“Marketing has been our biggest struggle,” says Colby Robertson, CFO. “Our buyer’s positions change so regularly that it becomes difficult to keep our names in front of existing and potential customers.”

When asked about the aspects of EqualLevel’s Partner Program that intrigued them the most, their response reflects a strategic outlook, anticipating a positive impact on customer acquisition and revenue generation: “We are looking for more ways to get our name in front of potential customers,” says Alyssa Yunker, Sales Processing Admin. “For us, this partnership aligns with our overarching goal of increasing visibility and expanding our reach to buyers within the Marketplace.”

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Complete Book & Media Supply LLC’s thoughtful responses showcase their emphasis on trust, visibility, and tangible results. This underscores the practical considerations that drive their decision-making and sets the stage for a mutually beneficial partnership.

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