Requisition Approval

Made Easy

EqualLevel makes it intuitive to access all approved contracts, and with just a few clicks, requisitions are routed for approval within your financial system. In the background, powerful search bots are constantly auditing contracts, quotes, and item pricing for compliance 


Prevent non-compliant purchases before they occur. 

EqualLevel’s Price Check Alert notifies procurement whenever non-authorized contract items appear in search results or when pricing exceeds approved thresholds. The notifications are triggered when items are returned from a suppliers punchout website, alerting shoppers and procurement that the item or pricing is out of compliance. 

Control Your Spend

  • Set restrictions on ship-to addresses for shoppers
  • Instantly manage cards in the marketplace without the need to distribute plastic
  • Define contract limits and set notification thresholds
  • Route purchases and reimbursements through approval workflows
  • Automatically reject and return invalid invoices to suppliers
  • Assign and reallocate funds directly to shoppers


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