Cooperative Procurement

Purchasing cooperatives range from informal groups of neighboring agencies to professionally staffed organizations. Whether large or small, purchasing cooperatives can benefit from Equal Level’s marketplace solutions. We deliver your full contract portfolio to your members desktop to facilitate member adoption, and help ensure they consistently buy through your contracts instead of elsewhere.

Cooperative Procurement
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Designed to handle the distributed reporting needs of Cooperatives, EqualLevel allows you to roll up spend coming through all the member entities in a centralized marketplace branded specifically for your group. For larger members that require their own private marketplace, you can sponsor their marketplace and automatically synchronize your contracts and continue to track spend.

If enhancing customer service levels, and improving member engagement are high on your list of priorities, then set up a Cooperative Marketplace trial to find out how you can:

  • Showcase eCommerce and non eCommerce supplier contracts
  • Communicate and manage supplier promotions
  • Set up your own store of line-item bids
  • Consolidate orders by ship-to for one-time buy programs
  • Integrate your contracts into your members financial system
  • Configure the member registrations workflow
  • Collect in and out of marketplace sales in one report
  • Dynamically markup prices for items you resell

Interested in seeing how it all works?

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