Our Core Procure-to-Pay Functionality



Streamlined Punchout Integration

Using our business Network, suppliers with existing punch-out sites can quickly test and submit their punch‐out catalog and order delivery credentials.  Once validated, their site is available for buyer acceptance testing and rollout.

Level the playing field

EqualLevel provides a no-charge, punch‐out storefront. Sellers can quickly implement a punchout storefront with buyer-specific prices, item management, and custom landing pages.

One search box

Search multiple approved external sites from one user interface. Now, employees can find anything they need with a single view of search results.

The power to know

Procurement can monitor compliance against contract pricing of their punchout site. Price discrepancy notifications are automatically sent, and in-process requisitions halted and flagged for review.

Control and convenience

With the flexible workflow engine, approval chains can be quickly configured to follow ideal requisition paths for broad visibility and maximized savings realization.

Okay to pay

A central location to receive all items with the click of a button, and complete a two or three-way match from a single interface.

Flexible Integration and Content Syndication Gateway

Integrating your marketplace with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) can help you maximize your investment. EqualLevel integrates with more than 20 financial systems from familiar market-leading systems to proprietary State-sponsored systems.