GO Punchout Store

EqualLevelGO has been Integrated with 70+ Systems Facilitating

Over $1 Billion in Transactions

EqualLevelGO is a full-featured eCommerce store specifically designed to support PunchOut Commerce. EqualLevelGO seamlessly connects with EqualLevel eProcurement, as well as other cXML eProcurement systems, like Coupa, Ariba, Jaggaer, Peoplesoft, Oracle, Workday, and SAP.

Allow buyers to shop their suppliers

All In One Location

The EqualLevel Marketplace is a multi-vendor platform created for employees to shop and purchase from all their approved online catalog and services suppliers in one location.

GO Uniquely Integrates With The EqualLevel Marketplace

GO supports three price discovery levels allowing shoppers to interact with suppliers where they are most comfortable.

Suppliers can be represented by visible “tiles” in the EqualLevel Marketplace. Each tile can contain up to three icons to identify the different ways a shopper and supplier can interact. Suppliers connected at the highest level in the marketplace can support three price discovery levels.

connecting with digital marketplace

By selecting the MAGNIFYING GLASS icon, shoppers can conveniently search the store from within the EqualLevel Marketplace.

By selecting the GLOBE icon, shoppers are taken to the supplier’s PunchOut site landing page where they may search directly on the supplier site, pick up safety datasheets, and access promotions.

By selecting the RFQ icon, shoppers can create a request for quote that is sent to the supplier. Suppliers respond to RFQs online and awarded suppliers receive an electronic PO.

GO Business

GO enables suppliers to connect buyer marketplaces to their online store with a customized landing page. Access to a full HTML editor as well as a landing page theme library are included. Suppliers can also create custom carts for specified shoppers to retrieve directly on the site.


  • Punchout access to catalogs and landing pages for EqualLevel buyers
  • Customized landing page for each buyer marketplace
  • Ability to create product categories for browsing and searching
  • Custom product attributes
  • Custom carts for specified buyers to retrieve and checkout directly from the site
  • Access to real-time updates of catalogs and pricing
  • Vendor-initiated quotes
  • Two additional PunchOut connections to non-EqualLevel eProcurement Marketplaces

GO Catalog Sync

GO Catalog Sync is a supplier-managed catalog that is synchronized daily with buyer marketplaces and is searchable using search boxes or by selecting a magnifying icon. It allows suppliers to manually upload and manage catalogs, or have an automatic feed created for them via FTP or an API.


  • Supplier-managed catalog
  • Edit products, import catalog files
  • Nightly catalog sync to assigned EqualLevel Marketplaces
  • Respond to RFQs from assigned EqualLevel Marketplaces
  • View orders and send order confirmations, ship notices, and invoices
  • Access to GO App store
  • Free to use in all EqualLevel Marketplaces

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