InstantConnect FAQs


What is InstantConnect?

InstantConnect is a new program introduced in 2020 and focused on suppliers in the K-12 Education market. The program is designed to offer EqualLevel customers a robust group of suppliers who can be set up in their marketplace within 48 hours of being requested.

Why did EqualLevel initiate this program?

We wanted to create a streamlined enablement process that provides our customers with an exceptional out-of-the-box shopping experience. We also wanted to create a level playing field with both small and large suppliers.

Who are your customers?

We have independent and district schools around the continental United States. They range from the small, a few hundred, to the large, hundreds of thousands. All come to EqualLevel with the same goal: to provide solutions for their procurement issues.

Is there any cost to join InstantConnect?


How will my company benefit from participating in InstantConnect?

Our InstantConnect partners will be highlighted on our website on the EqualLevel Partners page and will be suggested to all new customers during initial marketplace setup. Partners will also receive a core client list.

Will my company be notified when we are connected to a marketplace?

Yes. We will notify the main contact identified during InstantConnect on-boarding.

How will my company be added to buyers’ marketplaces through InstantConnect?

Here are some ways your company can be added:

  1. During the initial marketplace setup for a new EqualLevel customer, we will recommend InstantConnect suppliers to our customer. If the buyer agrees to have your company included, we will set up the credentials or catalog provided to us in their marketplace so they can begin shopping.
  2. An existing EqualLevel customer will submit a New Supplier Request for your company through our Network. All InstantConnect suppliers will be identified on the Network so buyers are aware that they can be set up quickly. Once the request is submitted, our enablement team will use the credentials or catalog provided by your company to complete the setup.
  3. EqualLevel will provide InstantConnect Suppliers with a core customer list to give the opportunity to proactively reach out to customers

In all of the above cases, your company will be notified of the new setup so you will be prepared to receive live orders.

EqualLevel Marketplace

What is the EqualLevel Marketplace? (VIDEO)

The EqualLevel Marketplace is a multi-vendor marketplace that saves users time and money. Suppliers from various categories are set up to transact electronically through the marketplace which allows buyers to shop from them in a single platform. The buyer can search supplier catalogs from within the marketplace and also “punch out” to a supplier’s ecommerce platform for their procurement needs.

How do Supplier PunchOut Catalogs get in the Marketplace?

There are two paths that lead to a supplier being set up in the marketplace:

  1. New EqualLevel customer requests them as part of initial marketplace setup
  2. Existing customer requests them through the EqualLevel Network

After a supplier is requested through one of those methods, they will be invited to join the EqualLevel Network where they can submit PunchOut and order delivery credentials. Upon receiving the credentials through the Network, the EqualLevel supplier enablement team will configure them in the customer marketplace.

How long does a typical PunchOut Catalog enablement take?

This process can vary from 2-4 weeks, depending on the resources and capabilities of the supplier.

PunchOut Capability

What is PunchOut?

Please see this guide for an explanation of PunchOut.

Is PunchOut capability required to join the InstantConnect program?

Yes, a PunchOut-enabled commerce site is required to join the program. This will ensure the best possible shopping experience for our customers.

What if my company is already PunchOut capable?

Then you are all set. Your technical team simply needs to provide EqualLevel with your PunchOut credentials at no cost to you.

I would like to join, but my company does not have PunchOut Capability, what options do I have?

No problem. EqualLevel can set up an EqualLevel GO Store that is PunchOut capable. You can also pursue a PunchOut site through a third party provider.

What is an EqualLevel GO Store?

EqualLevel GO is a simple, cost effective PunchOut-commerce solution. Items provided in a spreadsheet format can be presented in a GO Store with PunchOut functionality. Suppliers can offer an online PunchOut storefront, with images, to customers for any eProcurement environment – beyond the EqualLevel Marketplace.

What if I have products with various sizes and colors?

EqualLevel GO offers a number of additional options to suppliers through the GO App Store – such as configurable items, tiered pricing, as well as back end technology capabilities for automating processes such as scheduled catalog updates, order confirmation and invoicing.

Is there a cost to set up a GO Store?

Yes. Setting up a GO Catalog PunchOut with EqualLevel costs as little as $2,100 per year which includes unlimited connections to EqualLevel Marketplaces. It also works as a low cost strategy for you to service smaller buyers.

Where can I learn more about EqualLevel GO?

You can schedule a demo here , where we can show you the shopping experience GO provides, as well as some of the admin tools available.

PunchOut to my eCommerce site is done through a third party. Is there also a charge from EqualLevel to connect my PunchOut?


Getting Started

What are the requirements to join InstantConnect?

The following are required for InstantConnect:

  • Have a PunchOut capable site with contract pricing (e.g. Cooperative, GPO) at the national or local level.
  • Agree to be set up regardless of the size of the district making the request.
  • Have the ability to receive electronic orders for the initial set up via email or cXML.

Does EqualLevel need anything from my company to get started?

Yes. We need the following:

  • Company logo.
  • Company overview – 550-character limit.
  • Coop/GPO contract details – Cooperative or GPO, Contract Name, Number, Start and End dates.
  • PunchOut and order delivery credentials.
  • EqualLevel GO vendors just need to provide one catalog to be designated for new Connections.
  • Designated POC(s) for enablement and customer support after go-live.

Are there any data requirements for InstantConnect?

While we don’t have strict requirements for data quality, we do recommend adhering to our published list of best practices which can be found here.

How can I join InstantConnect?

You can speak with EqualLevel about joining InstantConnect by contacting us at

Where can I learn more?

If you would like to learn more about the program, you can schedule a demo here.