Enjoy the Benefits of Becoming an EqualLevel InstantConnect Partner

EqualLevel’s InstantConnect Program was created to identify those suppliers we work with whose catalogs have the technical requirements to be added to a marketplace quickly. These suppliers, called InstantConnect Partners, can be onboarded to a customer’s marketplace in as little as two to five days.

InstantConnect Partners are highlighted in EqualLevel sales materials, demos, and other marketing pieces, offering their businesses unparalleled exposure to our customers. As a result, organizations we work with often choose from our list of InstantConnect Partners to kick-start their marketplace set-up.

InstantConnect Partner Benefits

  • Partners are showcased in product demos and sales materials given to prospective customers.
  • Partners are featured on the InstantConnect page of the EqualLevel website.
  • Partners receive periodic access to EqualLevel’s core client list.
  • Partners are highlighted in customer marketplaces.

“After we received the Akron Public Schools’ email notification of a request for a catalog, we were able to configure punchout and order delivery and have it ready for production within hours. Actual configuration took only minutes to complete.”

Colby Robertson, CFO/COO
Complete Book & Media Supply, LLC


There are no participation fees for suppliers to participate in EqualLevel’s InstantConnect Program. To qualify, suppliers must meet the following requirements:

  • Suppliers must have a PunchOut catalog with contract pricing at the national or local level
  • Suppliers must have the ability to receive electronic orders (either via email or cXML)
  • Suppliers must have a single set of credentials for two- to five-day turnaround (from request to set-up of catalog and order delivery)*
  • Suppliers must be willing to provide the above set-up to ALL customers making the request, regardless of their size (small and large school districts, for example.)


*e-Invoicing or any other customization will exceed the 2-5 day period.

What Is Needed to Become an InstantConnect Partner:

  • Your company logo
  • A brief company overview
  • Catalog pricing contract details:
  • Cooperative or GPO contract name, contract number and start and end dates
  • Designated POC(s) for enablement and customer support after go-live
  • One set of PunchOut and order delivery credentials to be used for all customers
  • For EqualLevel GO vendors, just one catalog is needed to be designated for use in new connections

EqualLevel InstantConnect Partners

Become An EqualLevel InstantConnect Partner

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EqualLevel will never sell, rent, or lease the contact information collected here to any third parties.