Receipt, Approval and A/P Integration

In far too many organizations, the invoice approval process, and reconciliation within the Accounts Payable department is the most laborious, time-consuming, and error-prone step of the procurement cycle. EqualLevel complements your current Accounting or ERP system by replacing a cumbersome, paper-based invoice approval process with an efficient online system. Slash invoice processing time, eliminate late payment charges and start taking advantage of early payment discounts.

receive invoices
calculating costs and invoices

You can quickly and easily approve your suppliers’ invoices for payment, both Purchase Order related invoices as well as non-PO invoices. Once approved, invoices can be exported or directly integrated into your Accounts Payable system. With EqualLevel’s invoice approval module, you will immediately increase control overpayments, reduce data entry and document handling costs, and accelerate the invoice approval process by days.


  • cXML created receipts
  • Two and three-way invoice matching for easy approval of PO-related invoices
  • Add freight and other charges at the invoice approval stage, without having to modify the PO
  • Route invoice discrepancies for additional approvals, if necessary
  • Detailed reporting, including Accrual and Invoice Aging, reports
  • Export Approved Invoices to your A/P system for processing with no duplicate data entry
  • E-Archiving of invoices ensures records are available for auditors

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