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EqualLevel’s Private Label Marketplace enables all employees to: 

  • Purchase electronically
  • Reduce order processing costs
  • Increase order accuracy
  • Obtain real-time reporting and order tracking
Promoting procurement efficiency, accountability and optimizing costs are top priorities for local governments.

top priorities for local governments

However, too many governments remain hostage to outdated, inflexible, and costly purchasing systems. These systems restrict your ability to conduct broad-based online procurement with your supply community. 

Many procurement software providers touting enhanced e-procurement capabilities have just wrapped a coat of paint over outdated technology. We estimate that the majority of public sector purchasing software is 15+ years behind the state of art e-procurement technology curve.

EqualLevel Community frees your organization to search and shop for the goods and services they require across all approved contracts with the same ease of use they are used to as online consumers.

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Give your employees what they need to excel in their role while still maintaining control over employee spend with ELSA. ELSA, leads your shoppers to make the best-value purchasing decisions that not only decreases spend but saves time.