Extend your financial system with an easy-to-use private marketplace

Our Procure-to-Pay marketplace is a modular, best-in-breed suite featuring patent pending EqualLevel Savings Advisor, technology that ensures best value purchase decisions.

Catalog Enablement at your Supplier’s Highest Capability to Optimize Real-time Search

With real-time federated search across punchout sites (similar to Travelocity or Orbitz), data is collected across distributed sources and artificial intelligence (AI) technology uses this data to identify savings opportunities.


Extend your ERP or Facilities Maintenance system with a single marketplace to organize and easily access all approved suppliers. Automate shopping, order transmission, and invoice capture.

Create a consumer-like guided shopping experience with enterprise-rated controls to ensure compliance, drive productivity, and deliver hard dollar savings.

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ELSA, EqualLevel Savings Advisor, is a sophisticated AI engine paired with real-time federated search technology that identifies savings opportunities throughout the purchasing process:

  • Federated search collects product data across distributed sources
  • AI uses product data and shopper behavior to suggest savings opportunities
  • ELSA uses machine learning to become smarter with every purchase
  • Analyzes Search and PunchOut items
  • Suggests lower price exact matches and substitute items
  • Prompts shopper to enter a justification for a decision
  • Receive and compare quotes in the marketplace
  • Add a selected quote to a cart
  • ELSA analyzes other quotes to ensure the best value and creates 3 bids-and-a-buy reports


EqualLevel supports a self-service environment for organizations that require the Requisition & Approval module, where your staff can easily order the products and services that they need while procurement maintains full control.

Requisitions can be auto-approved or routed for online approval based on your business rules before anything is ordered. Approvers are notified by email and can approve or reject Requisitions right from the body of the email notification itself or on their tablet or phone.

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Approved purchase requisitions are automatically converted to electronic orders and electronically transmitted to the supplier via cXML. Order Confirmations and Ship Notices are available for review by the shopper in the marketplace.


Click and browse through an interactive series of dashboards representing your consolidated spend data to uncover spend patterns and outliers.

  • Review high-level reporting on spend categories, and quickly analyze your spend breakout category, location, supplier, or other custom dimension.
  • Drill down to get line item data, request custom reports to visualize your data the way you want to see it.
  • Area of heavy spend are clearly represented, giving you the insight you need.
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