Private Buyers


Exceed current business requirements

Consumerizing e-procurement means more than just making the marketplace easy-to-use, it also means making e-procurement easy to pilot, evaluate and engage. Today you can easily trial, subscribe and unsubscribe to software packages ranging from customer relationship management to help desk support. With EqualLevel organizations can easily trial, subscribe to and even unsubscribe from our procure-to-pay software platform. Our belief is that customers should not be held hostage but rather should have the choice of what marketplace software they utilize. This belief keeps our organization focused on delighting customers helping us to achieve a 100% private marketplace renewal rate over the last five years.


EqualLevel’s Best-in-Breed multi-vendor Marketplace can connect to any punchout enabled ERP software facilitating a seamless integration between your company’s financials and approved trading partners.

EqualLevel’s eMarketplace enables products to be easy to discovered and compared.  The eMarketplace “learns” from buying patterns and drives the highest level of savings for the buyer.  

Buyers have the capability to enable suppliers to see the offers of contenders and allow them to dynamically update pricing within the guideline of their agreement to maximize sales.


Want To Improve Your Bottom Line?

EqualLevel Savings Advisor frees your organization to comparison shop for the goods and services they require across all approved contracts with the same ease of use they are used to as online consumers.