Private Marketplace

A private marketplace that works for both the buyer and sellers

EqualLevel’s Private Marketplace delivers ease-of-use, a level playing field for suppliers, and complete orchestration by procurement.

Three deployment models to choose from

Punchout connected marketplace

EqualLevel’s Punchout Marketplace utilizes a single connection from existing ERPs, allowing users to shop for all goods and services from a single user interface. Non-punchout connected shoppers can directly login and transfer completed carts to approved buyers.

Punchout connected marketplace

Enterprise marketplace

EqualLevel’s Enterprise enable a Travelocity-like shopping experience across punchout sites and speeds user adoption by eliminating the need for users to navigate the existing ERP for budget checks and approvals.

Enterprise Marketplace

enterprise marketplace implementation version 1

Procure-to-Pay marketplace

EqualLevel’s Procure-to-Pay marketplace is for small and medium size organizations that require a turnkey shop-to-payment experience

Procure-to-Pay Marketplace

enterprise marketplace implementation version 2

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