Supplier Development

When it comes to B2B and B2G small and disadvantaged businesses are falling behind because they:

  • Lack in-house eCommerce expertise and resources
  • Lack a sophisticated eCommerce storefront platform that supports punchout
  • Don’t understand how much eCommerce is eroding their business
  • Don’t have the budget to invest in a full feature punchout commerce platform

This is especially concerning because small businesses:

  • Contribute to the local tax base
  • Create local jobs, which leads to homeownership
  • Develop local leaders and mentors
  • Can be the backbone of special development taxation projects, such as revitalization and urban development

It is estimated that 68% of every dollar spent at a local small business, funnels back into the community.

B2B eCommerce can help Small and Diverse Businesses Level the Playing Field

Welcome GO Punchout Store

EqualLevel provides a no charge GO punchout storefront to qualifying small and disadvantaged businesses, see sample punchout flow below.  EqualLevel will help sellers quickly and easily create price/product catalogs, configure customer-specific landing pages, and connect them to individual EqualLevel customer marketplaces. If sellers have an existing cooperative contract, they can share it across EqualLevel’s buyside network. Our InstantConnect partner program provides open access to targeted cooperative agreements.

Process steps of how Punchout works

Sellers can easily expand their GO Punchout storefront to connect to any eProcurement marketplace.

Interested in what EqualLevel can do for you?

EqualLevel works with large and small K-12 school districts, private companies, cities, and municipalities
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