Supplier Enablement

Easy Connectivity

EqualLevel provides suppliers of all sizes with access to a free and easy-to-use, self-service Network where they can quickly connect to their eProcurement customers. The goal is to provide organizations with a simple yet effective, inter-enterprise platform to manage various business data/information like catalogs, purchase orders, ship notices, invoices, contracts, etc. We connect suppliers at their highest level of capability:

  • Base eCommerce

    Manage profile, receive orders, quotes, and submit confirmations, and invoices

  • GO Catalog

    Manage multiple buyer catalogs, submit updates, send invoices and confirmations from a single website

  • GO Punchout

    Upgrade to full punchout capability, create buyer-specific landing pages, access the App Store

  • 3rd Party Punchout

    Connect your existing in-house punchout store, access integrated punchout tester

shopping cart digital marketplace graph

Participate In An Open Network

Once connected, you can join the growing list of sellers who have engaged EqualLevel eProcurement customers, as well as other eProcurement providers like Coupa, Ariba, Oracle/PeopleSoft, Workday, ESM Solutions, Skyward, JAGGAER, and more.

go store network graphic

GO Punchout Store

With EqualLevel GO punchout, see sample punchout flow below, we’ll help you quickly and easily create price/product catalogs, configure customer-specific landing pages, and connect them to individual EqualLevel customers. If you have an existing cooperative contract, you can share it across multiple prospective and existing customers. Our InstantConnect partner program provides open access to targeted cooperative agreements.

go punchout mapping


You’re able to configure your EqualLevel GO Catalog account to receive orders by email or via cXML directly into your order entry system; you’re able to set-up multiple contacts then delegate who receives RFQ’s, purchase orders, or even non-catalog orders, and you’ll have real-time access to all of the orders you’ve ever received on our platform.


With the Open Network, you can send invoices directly from your internal system using industry-standard integration, take advantage of our order-to-invoice functionality to flip customer purchase orders into electronic invoices or send invoices by email.

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