Chicago Public Schools: Data-Empowered Students & Teachers More Successful

REIMAGINING CHICAGO’S SCHOOLS After 10 years strategizing with leaders in the Chicago Public Schools system, Melissa Zaikos (MBA 2000) turned to the data to create a new public education experience for the city’s students. Back in 2011, when Melissa Zaikos (MBA 2000) began digging deeply into the standardized test scores of the Chicago Public Schools, she...
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Adjust, Learn, Grow: Procurement and the Pandemic

Many of us entered the public procurement profession by accident. Perhaps the variety was enough to keep you interested or you may have stayed because you were too busy to think about anything else.  Either way, it must have brought enough satisfaction that maybe five years into it you saw possibilities for growth or to...
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The Three Elements of Transformation You Can’t Afford to Miss

True transformation is not an event, it is a journey. It may be triggered by an event or a life-changing experience that may cause a disruption to our comfortable auto pilot routine. Such a circumstance may move us to reflect on the road traveled thus far and consider whether we are moving in the direction...
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COVID-19. Forcing our hand?

Systems under stress reveal their weaknesses (and their strengths).  And COVID-19 is certainly causing stress and a lot of ripples across all parts of society, testing our resilience, our creativity, our economy and businesses, our governments and schools, and, at times, our patience.  For many of us, the current environment is all too familiar; reminiscent...
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