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DonorsChoose Uses eInvoicing Technology to Automate Order Management

person typing on laptop performing einvoicing tasks

DonorsChoose, a non-profit organization with an online platform that allows individuals to donate directly to public school classroom projects, has selected EqualLevel’s eInvoicing technology solution to automate its supplier orders and invoice processing. The move will streamline both its accounts payable processes. The new solution has been integrated with DonorChoose’s existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and automatically transmits invoices to accounts payable for reconciliation and payment.

“The sheer volume of invoices and variety of sources that they come from, makes the accounts payables process a daunting task for organizations,” said Orville BaileyEqualLevel Co-Founder and CEO. “Digitizing this process streamlines the workflow and frees up valuable time for these financial professionals to spend on more strategic tasks.”

EqualLevel’s eInvoicing solution manages supplier enablement to ensure that DonorsChoose suppliers are set up to send eInvoices. The solution can also create rules-based exceptions for suppliers such as price thresholds, or where to route an invoice for review. Automating invoice entry and reconciliation has proven to reduce errors, shorten processing times, and decrease processing costs by up to 60 to 80 percent.

“For years, we handled large vendor payments outside of our ERP system and had to manage two separate accounts payables processes,” said Geoff Hill, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President, Fulfillment at DonorsChoose. “EqualLevel was able to help quickly integrate eInvoicing into our existing ERP system saving us time and money. We now have a fully integrated system that allows us to focus more time on our mission–getting much-needed materials to public school teachers.”

About DonorsChoose

DonorsChoose is the leading way to give to public schools. Since 2000, 4,831,527 people and partners have contributed $1,103,209,997 to support 1,945,688 teacher requests for classroom resources and experiences. As the most trusted crowdfunding platform for teachers, donors, and district administrators alike, DonorsChoose vets each request, ships the funded resources directly to the classroom, and provides thank yous and reporting to donors and school leaders. Charity Navigator and GuideStar have awarded DonorsChoose, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, their highest ratings for transparency and accountability. For more information, visit

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