Discover more suppliers and connect in EqualLevel’s supplier network.

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Find new suppliers and their cooperative contracts through the EqualLevel Network.

Add Network Suppliers with Less Effort

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Quickly onboard new network suppliers who already work with EqualLevel customers. Easily adapt or expand profiles as you collect more supplier information.

Supplier Network

Online shopping

EqualLevel onboards and enables your suppliers, managing catalogs and system integrations to provide a comprehensive marketplace with shopping, ordering, tracking, and invoicing built in to fully automate procure-to-pay.

EqualLevel’s Instant Connect program brings buyers and suppliers together in an expedited manner. It helps to create a streamlined enablement process that provides customers with an exceptional, out-of-the-box shopping experience. 

The EqualLevel InstantConnect Partner Program highlights suppliers who have a PunchOut site that includes images, descriptions, keywords, UNSPSC codes and pricing for an approved, competitively bid cooperative contract. 

All Instant Connect integrations are completed within two to five days from the time of request.

See EqualLevel’s complete list of InstantConnect suppliers here.