El Paso Office Products Logo

“Having the site is a win-win for the customer, the taxpayer, and the supplier. For our customers, they receive competitive pricing with the same local, top-notch customer service they have been getting from us for years.”

Here we feature El Paso Office Products, a small business doing big things in El Paso, Texas. Read on to learn about their successful bid to keep their buyers shopping local in an Amazon world.


Midwest Technology Products Logo

“Every year since creating our punchout system we have seen sales increase. Even when people don’t order through the website, and call in an order instead, our eProcurement marketplace has still served a purpose as a marketing tool. Most of the time the client will have used the site to learn and discover first, before picking up the phone to order.” 

In this Supplier Spotlight, we feature Midwest Technology Products, a small, minority- and woman-owned business located in Sioux City, Iowa. They work exclusively with educators worldwide providing quality products, furniture and supplies for makerspaces and fab labs, as well as Career & Tech Ed and STEM instructional spaces.


“Every day we get new customers with unique requirements. Never once have we come to EqualLevel with a special request that they have not been able to fulfill. The versatility of their system allows us to consistently meet the needs of our customers.”

This Supplier Spotlight profiles GBEX, LLC, a small, minority- and woman-owned business based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Started in 2010 by Chris Ellington, they offer janitorial/sanitation supplies, office supplies, break room supplies, technology products, promotional products, and office furniture.