EqualLevel delivers a user-friendly procurement marketplace enabling cooperative members to discover, connect, price, and buy from a complete directory of contracts and suppliers. 

EqualLevel enables supplier partners at their highest level of electronic commerce capability

Whether a supplier requires digital brochures, requests for contact, or pricing forms, or intuitive online catalogs to promote shopping and ordering, EqualLevel can work with them. Members can log in directly to the cooperative’s marketplace or connect from their own financial system.


Designed to handle the distributed reporting needs of cooperatives, EqualLevel allows cooperatives to roll up spend coming through all the member entities in a centralized marketplace branded specifically for the cooperative. For larger members that require their own private marketplace, their marketplace can be sponsored and automatically synchronized with the cooperative’s contracts and continue to track spend.


Enhance customer service levels

Improve member engagement

Showcase catalog & non-catalog supplier contracts

Communicate and manage
supplier promotions

Set up your own store
of line-item bids

Consolidate orders
by ship-to for one-time buy programs

Integrate your contracts
into your members’ financial systems

Configure the member registrations workflow

Collect in and out of marketplace sales in one report

Dynamically markup prices
for items you resell

EqualLevel proudly partners with the following purchasing cooperatives: