EqualLevel works with school districts across the nation to provide eProcurement and payables solutions that deliver rapid, hard dollar savings.

EqualLevel’s software unifies district purchasing with a single, intuitive marketplace for all approved contracts. Once configured, price and contract compliance are built-in so buyers can be freed up for higher-value initiatives.


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The EqualLevel eProcurement marketplace provides a single site to access all approved contracts with a consistent shopping experience across supplier storefronts. Guided buying navigation and supplier contract profiles provide the information that shoppers need to ensure they follow the correct steps and purchase from approved contracts. 


Districts are utilizing EqualLevel’s built-in savings advisor, ELSA, to put dollars back into the classroom. ELSA simplifies comparison shopping by searching across multiple approved catalogs and identifying the best value purchase for buyers. 

EqualLevel proudly partners with:

Akron Public Schools
Orange County Public Schools
school districts

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