Transform K-12 fund management practices by automating the fund distribution, shopping, tracking, reconciliation, and reimbursement processes.

MyFunds is part of EqualLevel’s complete procure-to-pay platform that can manage supplemental and budgeted funding.

Touching more than 1,000 school districts, EqualLevel is the leader in K-12 Spend Management.

With EqualLevel MyFunds, teachers can purchase from vendors in a competitive marketplace or submit reimbursement requests for purchases made outside of the marketplace. Marketplace orders are shipped directly to the school, and teachers can receive goods and services online.

EqualLevel MyFunds combines rechargeable personal budgets with a competitive marketplace that connects States, Shoppers, and Suppliers in a seamless eProcurement platform.

We streamline the funding-reconciliation-payment cycle and create a digital audit trail substantially reducing administrative overhead while delivering real-time transparency.

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