Clunky manual invoice systems are frustrating, time-consuming, and leave organizations vulnerable to fraud. 

EqualLevel Payables enhances an organization’s ERP system by digitizing the sending and receiving of invoices, making the entire process more efficient while safeguarding against cyber fraud. 


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Increase efficiency by enabling suppliers to send eInvoices

To achieve a seamless and secure automated process, without the need for costly manual entry, vendors must be able to securely transmit invoices directly into an organization’s ERP.

EqualLevel works directly with suppliers’ financial systems equipping them with the technology they need to send secure, electronic invoices. 
EqualLevel can integrate with suppliers’ order entry and accounting systems equipping them with the technology they need to securely receive electronic orders and send invoices.

Reduce Cyber Fraud With cXML

EqualLevel utilizes a cXML protocol to transmit invoices over the internet. cXML is infinitely more secure than transferring PDF invoices via unsecured email accounts, which can leave organizations vulnerable to cyber fraud. 

AP Automation

ap automation

EqualLevel’s AP Automation product lowers invoice processing costs, reduces errors and fraud, and accelerates reconciliation and approval.

With AP Automation, invoices are intuitively managed, streamlining the reconciliation process, and eliminating the need for staff to review each and every invoice.

Invoice Exception Tool

With the EqualLevel’s invoice exception tool, organizations can create rules so invoices can be routed as follows:

  • Automatically rejected
  • Delegated to a user to be edited
  • Marked as reconciled/ok-to-pay

With AP automation, organizations can automate:

  • Error Detection
  • Invoice Matching
  • Fraudulent Invoice Detection
  • Compliance

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