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EqualLevel offers a compliance platform that delivers full automation of the procure-to-pay process to ensure transparency and eliminate savings leakage. Our products provide solutions that are innovative and tailored for the industries we serve.

Purchasing Cooperatives

Whether large or small, purchasing cooperatives can benefit from EqualLevel’s marketplace solutions. EqualLevel delivers full contract portfolios to members’ desktops to facilitate member adoption and help ensure they consistently buy through the cooperative’s contracts, and not elsewhere.

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EqualLevel’s marketplace and invoice reconciliation solutions deliver real tangible savings to school districts across the country. EqualLevel unifies the entire district under a single innovative marketplace delivered in the cloud.

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EqualLevel’s modern, cloud-based procure-to-pay marketplace pushes innovation to the limit to meet procurement needs. We ensure institutions’ procurement practices are compliant.

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Promoting procurement compliance, accountability, and optimizing costs are top priorities for local governments. However, too many government agencies remain hostage to outdated, inflexible, and costly purchasing systems. EqualLevel provides an innovative Procure-to-Pay Compliance Platform that guides employees to all approved contracts and monitors their shopping carts to ensure they never overpay. 

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