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Nasco Education Case Study: Empowering Educators with Seamless Punchout Procurement

Who Is Nasco Education?

For more than 80 years, Nasco Education has made it their mission to empower teachers with hands-on solutions that prepare, engage, and inspire students and help them build a foundation for success.

Catering to PreK-12 educators and administrators seeking interactive learning solutions, they offer a wide range of materials and professional development resources in the areas of Art, Science, Math, SEL, STEM/STEAM, P.E., Health, FCS, AFNR, CTE, and Health Sciences. 

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Nasco Education’s Customer Relationships Go Beyond Just Products or Transactions

One of Nasco Education’s goals is to provide educators with affordable, streamlined solutions that make ordering classroom materials easier and faster so they can spend more time teaching. That’s why, when searching for an eProcurement system that would enable their customers to directly access their eCommerce site from their respective financial systems, they turned to EqualLevel GO.

eProcurement, or electronic procurement, is the process of purchasing goods and services electronically through online platforms or software systems. It simplifies the procurement cycle, from requisitioning and sourcing to ordering, receiving, and invoicing. eProcurement solutions offer educators and other businesses the ability to manage their procurement activities more efficiently, reducing paperwork, automating workflows, and enhancing visibility into spending.


When transitioning their eCommerce platform, Nasco Education wanted to find an efficient, user friendly eProcurement solution that would seamlessly integrate with their new platform. 

Enterprise Resource Planning Manager Scott Johnson explained that “Nasco Education’s challenge was finding a new solution to replace our approach of bolting on a punchout adapter to our eCommerce system, which was housed on our old platform.

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In their search for a new system, Nasco Education conducted thorough market research and easily identified EqualLevel GO as a strong, promising solution.
  • Stability: EqualLevel GO offered a reliable and robust punchout system that instilled confidence in the procurement process.
  • Smooth Transition: Switching to EqualLevel GO was straightforward, ensuring a seamless migration from their previous platform.
  • Consistency in User Experience: EqualLevel GO closely mimics the look and feel of Nasco Education’s eCommerce site, enhancing familiarity for customers.
  • Easy Onboarding: The platform facilitated hassle-free onboarding for new punchout customers.
  • Technology Backend Systems: The punchout system established bidirectional communication with both the ERP and eCommerce platforms.


EqualLevel’s values and mission aligned seamlessly with Nasco Education’s commitment to providing educators with budget-friendly, optimized solutions. EqualLevel GO’s product checked the boxes we were looking for,” stated Carrie Rue, Nasco Education’s Chief Information Officer. “GO aligns with our goal to provide educators with affordable, time-saving solutions that make finding and ordering learning materials easy.

By providing an effective punchout system for placing orders, Nasco Education is able to cater to the growing demands of their customers. According to Infrastructure Manager Brandon Desrosiers, “EqualLevel GO offers a stable and robust punchout system that can be utilized by our customers to easily place orders with us. The platform will allow us to grow and expand our use of punchout.

By simplifying the procurement process and making it easy for people to get what they need,” explained Rue, “teachers are empowered to focus their time on teaching and enhancing students’ learning experience!

Future Plans for Nasco Education:

EqualLevel GO has proven to be the ideal solution for Nasco Education’s punchout procurement needs. “We are excited to maximize the use of our punchout procurement platform by both existing and new customers. This expansion will enhance the customer experience and boost efficiency and accuracy when processing orders,” asserts Johnson.

With EqualLevel GO’s best-in-breed integration, we have empowered Nasco Education to achieve their mission of providing top-notch educational resources to educators, helping them prepare students for success. With the continued partnership between Nasco Education and EqualLevel, the future looks bright for streamlined and efficient procurement processes in the education sector.

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