Frequently Asked Questions for the Preferred Partner Program

Whether you’re a supplier eager to enhance your visibility and engagement in our marketplaces or a buyer looking to explore the advantages of partnering with our esteemed suppliers, we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

No. We do not have a time constraint for onboarding new customers, all we ask is for your commitment to communication and responsiveness. Turnaround time will be dependent on the supplier’s ability to provide the necessary prerequisites.

No, there will not be a generic catalog shown to all buyers. Any catalog will be shared to specific buyers upon your approval. Generally, the onboarding process will remain the same and buyers will just receive increased exposure to your company profile through their Marketplace and our promotional offerings.

The Preferred Partner Program is an optional marketing and promotional bundle that you are purchasing. This is not required for participation in any EqualLevel Marketplace and you are still able to connect with any EqualLevel buyer for free in our standard process.

The EqualLevel Marketplace is an eProcurement system transmitting over 1.5 million transactions annually. We service a steadily increasing list of over 200 buyer entities in our EqualLevel Marketplace in industries such as:

  • K12
  • Local Government
  • Higher Ed
  • Public agencies

While we are not able to disclose other suppliers within this program, we are looking to maintain a selective program with a limited number of competitors. There may be overlap within categories in order to provide a variety of supplier options to our buyers.

Preferred Partners will be recommended to new and existing buyers through personalized recommendations, highlights in the Supplier Directory within the EqualLevel Network, EqualLevel Marketplace community forum, and other promotional channels.

We have created flat-rate fees associated with the Gold and Silver Marketing bundles we are providing. This is required to participate in our partner program. There are no additional fees on top of that plan.

We will share an initial list to new Partners, followed by updates of newly onboarded buyers.

The EqualLevel Marketplace is our buy-side offering, see the following documentation on the Supplier Perspective of an EqualLevel Marketplace. This is the system you would be connecting with in order to transact.

GO Business is our PunchOut enabled offering that allows for unlimited connections to EqualLevel and non-EqualLevel customers. This is only applicable if you need a PunchOut platform or have interest in connecting with buyers using non-EqualLevel eProcurement applications (such as Ariba, SAP, Coupa, etc). This is separate from the GO partner programs.

GO Business suppliers may receive discounted offerings for the partnership program, however a GO Business subscription does not automatically enroll you into the preferred partner program.

Upgrading within our program is currently based on the bundles purchased. At the moment, our highest tier is Gold and eligibility to qualify for this level is granted after a proven record of deliverability, communication, and buyer interest. The EqualLevel team will periodically monitor the performance of our Preferred Partners and recommend upgrades to those displaying consistent performance, growth, and engagement with our buyers.

This is an annual contract that will automatically renew unless you decide to opt out or are no longer qualified for the program.

For inquiries regarding the Preferred Partner Program, including details on eligibility, benefits, and how to join, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated team is here to provide you with all the information you need to embark on this collaborative journey with EqualLevel.