Ease-of-use, combined with advanced machine learning and real-time search delivers bottom line savings.


What is Elsa?

EqualLevel Savings Advisor (ELSA) technology uses sophisticated artificial intelligence to optimize the shopping experience throughout the entire marketplace. Across the home page, search results, and item details, ELSA has been working to show shoppers the best-priced options for the items they are purchasing.

EqualLevel is now introducing the Cart Optimization tool powered by ELSA. Cart Optimization is a step of the checkout process that will act as a final safeguard to ensure the lowest prices are in the shopper’s cart. On the Cart Optimization page, ELSA technology determines exact matches or substitutes for the items being purchased and identifies savings that would otherwise be missed. The ELSA technology is constantly learning and improving to make better recommendations.

For Shoppers

What can ELSA do for shoppers in your organization?

  • ELSA calculates optimal cart by identifying the lowest priced alternatives and considering additional factors such as shipping fees.

  •  Shows all alternatives for the items in the shopper’s cart. This includes exact matches from different suppliers as well as substitute items from different brands.

  •  Offers the ability to comparison shop PunchOut items. Even when items in the cart are brought back from a PunchOut supplier, ELSA Cart Optimization can identify alternatives.

  • Product Comparison allows the shopper to view information for each alternative item.


Marketplace Administrators have access to the ELSA Reports. These reports:

  •  Are available for each Order and Requisition placed when the shopper has gone through Cart Optimization.

  •  Function as a “3 bids and a buy” record by displaying two alternatives that were shown to the shopper during Cart Optimization and any notes entered by the shopper.

  •  Identify whether or not the shopper purchased the item that was suggested by ELSA


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