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Why School Districts Need a Procure-to-Pay Marketplace

The 2020-21 school year is already underway and many schools continue to struggle with and adapt to the education budget crisis created by the pandemic.  Given this reality,  districts can no longer afford the inefficiencies and cost of manual, paper-based requisitioning, ordering, invoice reconciliation, and payment processes. Digitizing the procure-to-pay process is now a necessity...
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Google Chrome “SameSite” Update May Impact ERP-Marketplace Functionalities

If your ERP utilizes one or more PunchOut-based supplier catalogs or marketplace and you are experiencing interruptions to your normal browsing or shopping cart functionalities, this may be the result of changes to the Chrome browser engine that Google began a limited rollout earlier this year. The update changes the way cookies are used to...
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Are You A Part of The One-Third Using Inadequate Tech?

In a 2018 study conducted by PayStream Advisors, now formally known as Levvel Research, over 400 organizations were surveyed to determine the latest trends surrounding procurement management. During this survey, organizations without cloud-based eProcurement software were asked about their top pain points. One-third of firms revealed that their primary problems were inadequate technology and procedural...
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‘What Were They Thinking?’ E-Procurement Solutions Reveal Critical Insights into B2B Buying Behaviors

If you are a corporate procurement leader or a supplier of MRO and indirect materials, there is a good chance you have muttered the words “what were they thinking?” under your breath at least once in the past quarter. Striving to understand what drives B2B buyers to make the choices they do is critical for...
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