Sponsored Private Marketplace

Although many members will purchase at your public GPO marketplace, some will require their own private marketplace environment.

Sponsor EqualLevel private marketplaces for your member organizations that require tighter integration to their financial system and want to add additional member specific supplier contracts.  Sponsorship is a great opportunity to demonstrate eCommerce leadership and increase your visibility with private marketplace shoppers.

customer data connection

As a GPO sponsor, your logo is prominently displayed on the sponsored marketplace homepage, and your cooperative contracts are always  available.  Contract and supplier updates made in your public GPO marketplace are dynamically reflected in each sponsored marketplace.  Even better, orders executed in the sponsored marketplaces on your contracts, are reflected in your public GPO marketplace so that you have a complete picture of all purchases.

EqualLevel offers you the opportunity to be at the forefront of the minds of your members, even when they implement a private marketplace.  Once your public GPO marketplace is up and running, you can easily extend your marketing reach by sponsoring member specific private marketplaces.

sponsor member specific private marketplaces

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